Bobo Claypot Porridge. (2015)
Mentor: Patrick Gan. Designer: Shannon Teoh

Food & Beverages / Commercial / Brand Identity

Typography, Graphics, Packaging, Namecard, Stationery, Naming

Synopsis / Introduction
“泊(bo)” is a character meaning ‘float’ made of “氵(water)” and “白(white)”, it is a suitable for our brand since porridge is essentially white rice floating on water. Targeted at South-east Asia, it needs to both retain the oriental soul and be catchy to malay-speakers. “Burbur” means porridge in malay and it led to the similar-sounding “Bobo Claypot Porridge” that is suitable for both cultures. Dynamic arrangements of calligraphic, watery typography in the rice white logo floats on the contrasting dark blue. Rice grain motifs and claypot textures accentuates the new traditional style of the brand. 


(From top left-clockwise)
rice grains pattern, stripes, dots & claypot textures.

淡泊(dan bo) has several meanings in mandarin(one of it, plain) and we use it as a wordplay to name our plain porridge base. The menu works with a checklist system where you choose different toppings to add to the plain porridge base.

Camouflaging Spilled Porridge

People tend to accidentally drip their porridge when eating, making a mess on the table. Using our claypot texture, we make a trayliner that will not only make the mess less obvious but also make it to be part of a beautiful mess.