Grizzle Grind Crew (2015)
Designer Shannon Teoh. Videographer & Performance Shannon Teoh. 

Hip Hop Crew / School Project / Brand Identity & Advertising

Typography, Graphics, Photography, Videography, Motion Graphics

Synopsis / Introduction

Repetition, rhymes and dragging the last syllable of a stanza are all essences of hip hop that is brought into the rhythmic typography of the grizzle grind crew logo.A singaporean hip hop crew, GGC celebrates multiculturalism with multiracial members and multilingual rap. The logo motifs and colours are there to reflect both the aggressive and the mischievous aspect of hip hop. All in all we celebrate with multi coloured hands holding up the same grizzle sign.

DISCLAIMERThis project is not affiliated with the Grizzle Grind Crew in any way and the crew was used as a means to showcase experimentations in graphic and performance design.