Future Perfect. (2015) 
Designer: Shannon Teoh Photographer: Shannon Teoh Models: Nicole Ng, Sean Aw

Theatre Production / School Project / Props & Advertising

Typography, Graphics, Photography

デザイナー シャノン・テオ フォトグラファー シャノン・テオ モデル ニコル、シャウン

演劇制作 / 学校プロジェクト / 広告

タイポグラフィ, グラフィック, 写真


Synopsis / Introduction
In theatre productions, we try to grasp and recreate the world in the script as much as possible, even if the audience do not see it. Actors will create behind-stories and backgrounds to better mould their character and prop and set designers will create props intricately to the realities of the plot. For future perfect, it is set in a sci-fi future and I created various brands and companies of different price points for that time period. This includes various advertisements, signboards and brochures for each brand. I designed each of the items according to each branding and even type out every paragraph for the copy even if the audience might not read it.

これは演劇制作の広告である。 SFをテーマにした未来には、3つのストーリーがある。 一つ目は遺伝的に強化された赤ちゃんを持つことについて論じている家族だ。 二つ目は幹細胞を売っている人のことである。三つ目は不死薬について悩んでいて、2人のうちの1人が服用を止めたいと思っているカップルで、彼らはパフォーマンスのポスター広告の役者となっていた。



Developing Fictional Brands to the details
These science-fiction brands are of different price points and they attempt to recreate the world in the time of which the script depicts.They can be seen together with the different props featured below.
These props; Advertisements and Brochures includes full text written for it within them even though the audience might not see it.