My name is Shannon Teoh and I’m a graphic designer from Singapore who just finished my military conscription. Since 2013, I have worked on various commercial projects with varying scales from small freelance projects to regional brands – touching on logos, websites(design and programming), publications, brand identity designs and advertisements.

The portfolio on this site is a collection of work from April 2013 –  April 2016. You will be able to see from my works that I explore a variety of mediums though mainly typography, photography, motion graphics, graphic illustration and videography. Please drop me an email for my full CV.


BLACK Design’ や  ’&Larry’ などのデザイン事務所で働く経験がある。シンボルマークやポスター、名刺、ウェブデザイン、広告動画などのデザインを手がける。


I created this blog ever since I decided that I need a creative outlet during my 2 years of military service. In a way, this is a space where I can practice articulating in various languages about design and at the same time grow an opinion in that area.


Includes but not limited to:
Brand identity, Advertising, Editorial design, Video & motion graphics, Photography, Graphic illustration, Static/CMS/E-commerce websites (design & programming)

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe AfterEffects
Adobe InDesign
Autodesk 3DMAX

DISCLAIMERThis Website is currently in the process of being built; so there would be many weird or incomplete parts; this is only a fraction of what is intended which will done in about a month. Thanks.

Qualifications —

Singapore Polytechnic
Diploma in Visual Communications & Media Design (Merit)
Certificate in Theatre Performance & Production

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (N2)


Work Experience —

Global Ambassador (currently)

BLACK Design
Design Intern (2015)

Gordon Max
Art Director (2015)

Design Intern (2016)

Contact —

Mail ☞ havefun@shannonteoh.club