My name is Shannon Teoh and I’m a graphic designer from Singapore who just finished my military conscription. Since 2013, I have worked on various commercial projects with varying scales from small freelance projects to regional brands – touching on logos, websites(design and programming), publications, brand identity designs and advertisements.

The portfolio on this site is a collection of work from April 2013 –  April 2016. You will be able to see from my works that I explore a variety of mediums though mainly typography, photography, motion graphics, graphic illustration and videography. Please drop me an email for my full CV.

As of 2019, I will be studying my bachelor’s in Integrated Design in Tokyo’s Tama Art University. It is an integration of product, graphic and interface design. When a person enters, say, a cafe, they will come across the promotional boards, cups by graphic designers, mobile apps by interface designers, furniture by product designers and an overall interior by an interior designer. The course focuses on the importance of directing every single touchpoint of a consumer with strong concept and consistent tone.


BLACK Design’ や  ’&Larry’ などのデザイン事務所で働く経験がある。シンボルマークやポスター、名刺、ウェブデザイン、広告動画などのデザインを手がける。


I created this blog ever since I decided that I need a creative outlet during my 2 years of military service. In a way, this is a space where I can practice articulating in various languages about design and at the same time grow an opinion in that area.


Includes but not limited to:
Brand identity, Advertising, Editorial design, Video & motion graphics, Photography, Graphic illustration, Static/CMS/E-commerce websites (design & programming)

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe AfterEffects
Adobe InDesign
Autodesk 3DMAX

Qualifications —

Singapore Polytechnic
Diploma in Visual Communications & Media Design (Merit)
Certificate in Theatre Performance & Production

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (N2)


Work Experience —

Global Ambassador (currently)

BLACK Design
Design Intern (2015)

Gordon Max
Art Director (2015)

Design Intern (2016)

Contact —

Mail ☞ havefun@shannonteoh.club