IPbash. (2014)
Designer: Shannon Teoh

Webhosting & Cloud Services / School Project / Top 10 Finalist / Brand Identity

Typography, Graphics, Namecard, Stationery, Website

Synopsis / Introduction
Realising that most webhosting companies use images of individuals on their computers, machine images & 3D web-related cliparts, I decided to breathe life into the once dull brand by going a different direction. Branded to be “more human than machine”, it is dictated by visual rules like “Use images of multiple people engaged through a computer” and “Use images of the cloudy blue sky” A sky blue gradient and 5 other colourful secondary colours are used to express the vast library of “designed-themes” from IPbash. The winding positive space of the logo expresses that IPbash drives businesses while the negative space that winds into the center expresses that various people come together and get connected through their web services.