DVMD10 Brand Film (2015)
Actors: Jenna Ong, Lim Xin yi, Nathaniel Lim, Shannon Teoh Director & Cameramen: Lim Xin yi Illustration & Storyboard: Jenna Ong Music, Narration & Editing: Nathaniel Lim Visual Effects & Motion Graphics: Shannon Teoh

Educational Institution / School Project / Film

Typography, Graphics, Photography, Videography, Motion Graphics

Synopsis / Introduction
What would the surrounding world be if a designer re-imagines it? Using reality-distortion visual effects, we create the brand film for the 10th Anniversary of DVMD. For the past decade, the design course DVMD in Singapore Polytechnic has enriched students perspectives and they graduate with a widened imagination and a distinct view of the world. Using 10 scenes, we show students walking out of the school studios into various places where they exert their mad imaginations. From pixel monsters to bulging chairs, many different effects are showcased while maintaining a constant side-walking profile in the video.