Design by Accident: POP BATIK

POP BATIK (2019)
Designer: Shannon Teoh

Batik / School Project / Print & Packaging

Batik, watercolour, pattern-making
Photography, Typography, Illustration, Layout

ポップ・バティック (2019)
デザイナー シャノン・テオ

バティック / 大学課題 / プリントとパッケージ


Synopsis / Introduction
Batik is a dyeing and pattern making technique that uses wax as a water repellent, historically a culture of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. It is traditionally done with elaborate leaf patterns and darker colours but this project explores creating batik with bolder strokes and vivid colours. A set of 4 dot arrangements and a set of 4 simple patterns (lightning, X, donuts, line) are layered with different colours to create varied combinations. This assignment is known as ‘Design by Accident’ and its aim is to create visuals using accidental or experimental techniques. In an era where most designs are made with software, it explores the possibilities of accidental textures that cannot be replicated digitally.

解説 / 紹介
伝統的なバティックは一般的に葉のような細かい模様と暗めの色で作られているが、今回、より自由な手法で蝋を紙に落とし、より明るい絵の具を使ってみようと思う。ポップアートのように伝統に挑戦するので、タイトルは「Batik Pop」にした。まず、4種類のドット柄の中の一つを蝋で紙に描き、一層目の色を塗ってはじき模様を作る。次に「稲妻」、「ドーナッツ」、「X」「斜めの線」の4種類のパターンの中の一つをもう一度蝋で描き、ニ層目の色を塗る。この手法で、ビジュアルだけでなく、いろいろな偶発的な質感も生み出せる。


Application on book cover-

Texture by Accident

More than just pop visuals, the layering of watercolour and wax in different arrangements creates distinct textures in each set as well. This is further emphasized by the unique paper stocks used in the box and the frames.